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About Us

Samurrai is a leading Artificial Intelligence company specialising in Robotics Process Automation, Conversational AI and Advanced Data Analytics. We enable organisations to capture new value from Digital; empowering integrated automation and meaningful digital transformation.

Our agile process re-engineering methodology empowers organizations to lead disruption without getting disrupted. 

We fulfill the demands of continually improving business processes and capture what organizations need to know through data digitalization and cutting-edge technologies such as Al, RPA, Blockchain, Bl, Big Data and more.

AI Conversational Products

Samurrai has a suite of proprietary AI based multilingual chatbot products.



Customer Care & Order Fulfilment

  • Compliant Registration
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Engagement
  • Service Request Handling
  • General Queries


Organization's Internal Communication

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Training
  • Annual Assessments
  • FAQs on Company Policies


Social Media Management & Marketing

  • Upselling & Cross-Selling
  • Personalized Engagements
  • Online Customer Feedback
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used to efficiently automate manual, repetitive, laborious and rule-based tasks for businesses while being inexpensive. RPA is often the first exploratory step in world of AI, automating business operations using software robots to mimic human behavior. Our RPA works as your digital extension; plugging in seamlessly into your existing systems and processes requiring no disruptive changes to deploy.

We offer consultancy and development services for the leading RPA platforms, but have also developed our own native platform, Autosphere, to be on par with global leaders, with bespoke solutions and flexible commercial models.

Productivity gain by automating high-volume, laborious and repetitive tasks

Cost savings by significant FTE reduction and digital workforce extensions

Improved agility with a faster and more efficient workforce extension that is available 24/7

Flexibility to scale up and down instantly as needed

Ensure error-free execution as configured, improving output quality

Ability to consistently comply with regulatory requirements

Employee and customer satisfaction with faster response time and processing

Redirect human capital for high-value intellectual tasks, and eliminate human bias in operations

AI Success Services

Businesses often struggle with leveraging AI because they may lack a proper AI strategy, lack relevant talent and roles, or get confused by expecting the implementation process to align with that of regular technologies. We have designed the Artificial Intelligence Success Services (AISS) to fill these gaps in terms of missing roles and capabilities for a successful AI implementation.


Al Business Support Services (AIBSS)
AI Consultancy • Business Analysis • AI Interaction Analysis • Data Engineering • NLU Training • User Experience Specialist
Al Managed Services (AIMS)
Development • AI Platform Integration • Cloud Management • AI Operations

Big Data Services

A vibrant team with an extensive experience of working on big data projects and solutions nationally and internationally. The team brings industry knowledge that covers sectors as diverse as telecommunications, government, manufacturing, financial industry and education.


Samurrai works with organizations to help them harness their data for uncovering deep insights to deliver business value and gain a competitive edge through informed decisions.

Cloud Services

Samurrai has designed a cloud service in OpenStack environment for corporate enterprises which has the following capabilities:​

■  OpenStack release upgradation along with all patches
■  VM/Controller level high availability
■  Complete storage integration with OpenStack
■  Storage mobility, expansion and removal of specific machines/VMs
■  Support for Ephemeral storage in the cloud
■  Integration of Software Defined Network with OpenStack Cloud

Use Cases

Compliance and regulatory requirements demanded a major telecom service provider in the UAE to handle service terminations within 2 hours.

This involved agents verifying information across multiple portals before approving the cessation request. The company had to dedicate multiple resources for this tedious and repetitive process.

We developed a solution where RPA robots interact with the various portals and handle the end-to-end cessation process. The solution has parallel execution capabilities for multitasking. Bulk processing robots were also designed to handle cessation requests in real time.

  • 75% reduction in compliance and regulatory fines
  • Up to 70% decrease in cessation request errors
  • 60% FTE reduction

A leading UK based bank conducts a performance tracking activity where all employees fill daily tracker sheets and send them for consolidation.

Dedicated resources were responsible for preparing consolidated results and reports. The activity is cumbersome and prone to errors as it involves high volume consolidation on an employee and team level before final report generation.

We prepared a solution where RPA robots handle the email, files and data consolidations. The data analytics component of our solution manages report generation and distribution, and includes an interactive dashboard for detailed insights and employee level drill down.

  • 70% reduction in activity time
  • Increase in quality of insights
  • 80% error reductions as robots check the file thoroughly for exceptions

A leading bank in Pakistan with nearly 20,000 employees, receives hundreds of emails from their employees every day with policy related queries. The queries primarily relate to leave requests and take up a significant portion of the HR help desk’s time.

For the first phase, we developed a chatbot to learn the complex leave policy, with respect to multiple types of leaves and profile based differentiation. The chatbot intercepts the leave query, gathers the required information and answers based on employee profile.

Subsequent phases include leveraging RPA for automated leave request generation after querying, and learning additional policies.

  • 35% FTE reduction
  • Instant responses for applicable queries instead of varied wait times
  • 0% error rate in responding about applicable leaves

A growing trading firm in US working with quantitative financial models needed to increase the number of alphas per month produced based on research-driven strategies.

We dedicated a team of data scientists to design mining algorithms for generating trade-worthy and performant alphas using a wide range of statistical modeling techniques.

  • Resource augmentation provided at a need based scale
  • New alphas generated at the frequency required without the complexity of hiring new resources

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